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In walks the Bowl Maker

A couple of weeks ago, on a pretty calm week end the most interesting artist came through the door with an entourage of beautiful kids.
After some chit chat about where to rent wet suites and how nice Manzanita was, I discovered her name was Cary Lane (LOVE her name!) and she is the creative force behind the two new lines T-SPOT brings to you:

SockMonkeyBowlMakerCups1 The Bowl Maker cups


The Monkey Sock Monkey.


First, here is quote from Cary’s bio:

… I fell in love with a fisherman. We built our home in the foothills of Mount Baker, and home-birthed two children. Now I work as a mother and artist amongst dogs, cedar trees, and a close community. Art for me is a wonderfully fierce, necessary thing. 

BowlMakerCups2The cup line is created in Thailand , faithfully following Cary’s original designs. The smallest, “Lucky dog” is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.BowlMakerCups5BowlMakerCups3BowlMakerCups4




sockMonkey3TsockMonkey2he Monkey (and sockodile) kits provide a link between imagination and productivity for kids and adults alike. They include everything but scissors: organic socks made with low impact dyes, stuffing, button eyes, needle and thread, and simple, illustrated instructions. It is worth noting that the stuffing is recycled plastic bottles!

sockCrocCompletely packaged and printed in Washington state on Forest Certified paper, post consumer content when possible, using vegetable inks.
Also includes three adorable postcards of sock monkeys doing what they love!

Come visit them in person, they are irresistible!